Do you like pretty things? Do you like horror? Bit of a nerd? Yeah, nice. Read on, friendo ~

Who am I?

I’m Enkfi (he/they), I live in Naarm, Aus and I cannot stop thinking about creating things. Co-Director of UnBound Arts Collective and co-host of Absolutely Feral, a podcast where UAC directors Enkfi Saviero and Lashonda Love talk about stuff that makes white dudes big mad.

I love finding beauty in everything, particularly in the things that people aren’t into it. My comfy place will always be horror or horror-adjacent.

My mediums are primarily visual art and poetry. In the past, music has been deeply important to me but my disability over the years has meant my instruments aren’t something I can always be using.

So what’s all this?

I’ve been writing and creating for so long, I so desperately need a place where this all lives. Between my visual art, playlists my wife and I hyperfocus on, writings, musings, and general/extremely deep love for horror, this place will be filled with all of that.

Substack combines my Tumblr, Twitter (what do I look like calling it X), and Instagram and I can finally have my chaotic, art brain run free on one platform.

Come hang out with me!

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